La vie est atroce ; nous savons cela. Mais précisément parce que j’attends peu de choses de la condition humaine, les périodes de bonheur, les progrès partiels, les efforts de recommencement, et de continuité me semblent autant de prodiges qui compensent presque l’immense masse des maux, des échecs, de l’incurie et de l’erreur.

Mémoires d’Hadrien - Marguerite Yourcenar, p.315 ed. Folio. (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

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Shell (2013)

Just watched and i wanted to screen cap EVERYTHING it was so beautiful and sad. ((tw for this film, for various reasons))


The Sea in Me, 2014 | Marzena Skubatz

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Persistent pyramids by Anatoly Zenkov


Persistent pyramids by Anatoly Zenkov



Ok so i don’t know how many of you saw my embroidery set from last year showing women in film statistics, but to tie in with International Women’s day over on Screenqueens and the learning I’ve done in the past year, I’ve added a couple more. 

I want to get into film so badly but these percentages are scary.


1. Kill alpha male types

2. Achieve world peace


we found ruins hidden in the forest

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A view from the Falkenstein castle in France. 

A view from the Falkenstein castle in France. 


My Bloody Valentine, 1992